Wealshire of Medina

  • Wealshire of Medina

  • 4555 Mahawk Dr.
  • Medina, MN 55340


Independent Living

Admissions/Physician’s Care Plan Fee: $1,000

Memory Care Residence

 Call for Rates - All Inclusive Rates                

  • This is a stand alone Dedicated Memory Care Residence.
  • Private Suites
  • Shared Suites
  • 1-Bedroom Apts.
  • Community Fee: $1800
  • Highest Level of Memory Care: Late
  • EW waiver after 2 years private pay
  • Respite Care: Call

Payment Types for Services:

  • Call
  • Private
  • Elderly Waiver

Facility Info:

Laundry/Linen Service Included



Basic Services:

  • Call

Dining Details:

Meals included.

About Wealshire of Medina

Our Philosophy

The PLST model focuses on redefining “stress” for the person with dementia; recognizing dementia causes a lowered stress threshold for these individuals; and managing that stress. We will accomplish this through our staffing structure, programming and environment.

Our staffing structure will include  a Registered Nurse (RN) to oversee and manage the health care of our residents; Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) to coordinate the day to day care on the household under the direction of the RN; Trained Med Aides (TMA) to assist with medication administration; Nursing Assistants, Registered (NAR) to provide the hands on care of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting. The staff to resident ratio will depend on the level of care required by the residents.  In the earlier stages of the disease when the residents are able to do more of their cares independently there will be a lower staff to resident ratio.  As the disease progresses and the resident requires more hands on care, the staff to resident ratio will increase based on acuity of care.

Programming of leisure activities will be provided by activity staff under the direction of an Activity Director along with caregiving staff. Under the PLST model stimulating activities will be alternated with less stimulating activities. Specific rest periods will be scheduled in the morning and afternoon . Examples of leisure activities include: exercises, games, reminiscing, sing-a-longs, church services, movies at the cinema, happy hour and ice cream treats at the Ice Cream Parlor. Individual likes and dislikes of the resident will guide the staff on which activities to encourage resident participation.

Our environment is designed to enhance resident independence and decrease stress induced by the disease process. The resident rooms surround the household common space – no long hallways to create anxiety on which way to go. The staff station is visible as soon as the residents walk out of their rooms to give them a sense of security. Plenty of space allows freedom of movement as well as diminishing the potential of altercations between residents. Memory boxes outside resident rooms assist residents to find their rooms independently. The living spaces are warm, friendly and home-like, again promoting a sense of well being. Access to secure courtyards allows residents to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. The community area includes specific areas for socialization such as the coffee shop, activity room, ice cream parlor, chapel/cinema, and bar. Socialization gives the residents a sense of belonging and reinforces their right to live with pride and dignity.

  • Wealshire of Medina

  • 4555 Mahawk Dr.
  • Medina, MN 55340


County: Hennepin (Minneapolis)