Top Dog Foundation

Senior dogs are often ignored when people adopt, but they make great experienced companions for people of any age. Rescue a senior dog and let ’em teach you a few new tricks. For more information on adopting a senior fellow visit  or call 952-353-2122.

Computer Solutions for Older Adults

Computer Solutions for Older Adults

We provide:

  • Free answers over the phone (within reason),
  • Help in choosing a computer,
  • Computer tune-up and back-up,
  • Comtomized computer training(1-1 or in groups),
  • Help with setting up personal email accounts and contact lists,
  • Computer systems security,
  • Cellphone and computer synchronization,
  • Internet connection and access,
  • Computer repair, and repair of printers, scanners, and speaker problems,
  • Organizational help with computer files, family photos, and games,
  • Help you to create a “FACEBOOK” account so you can stay in touch with your loved ones and friends,
  • Remove viruses and spyware.

Our Advanced Serices Include:

  • Full scale computer system analysis, upgrades, and maintenance,
  • Customize computer configurations,
  • Diagnose, troubleshootm and repair
  • PC system Networking and security,
  • Safeguard your computer from viruses, worms, spams, hackers, and spyware,
  • Optimize computer performance,
  • Resolve complex computer problems,
  • Automate backup and recoery system,
  • Socail media took setup, such as “SKYPE”

 We offer free compute seminars to interested groups at residential communities.

Long Term Care Options Counseling

Are you thinking about moving to an Assisted Living or another type of housing with services setting?

Studies show people who do not plan ahead, often spend more of their hard earned money and are less informed to deal with a long term health crisis. Don’t wait, plan now. Get information and assistance to understand the risks you might have that could lead to the need for an expensive move. Understand how to manage those risks. (more…)

Market Rate Rentals, Independent Living

Market Rate Rentals — Apartments and Townhomes

“Market rate” means that a housing unit is paid for by rent, in the same way as any apartment. A lease is signed that states the monthly rent for a period of time and at the end of the lease the landlord can increase the rent. Apartment sizes can vary greatly. Studios and efficiencies are available to 1, 2, and 3+ bedroom apartments with one or more bathrooms. Complexes may offer several different versions of an apartment and costs can vary by adding a bathroom, sunroom, square footage, or view. Costs can also be affected by the addition of services, (if any are available) such as meals. Usually there are very few services (more…)

Memory Care Residences

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Residences

A growing number of residences specialize in care for people with Alzheimer’s and related symptoms of dementia.  Some are stand alone facilities that are “Dementia Only” while others are a specialized unit in a nursing home or an assisted living facility. Another type of residence for people with memory care needs is Residential Care Homes. Residential Care Homes are typically single family homes that have been turned into a residence for 5 to 10 people, but they can also be purpose built. Residential Care Homes usually provide general care and/or memory care.


Memory Care: Questions to Ask

Choosing the Right Assisted Living for Memory Care

Not only is the decision to place a loved one in a memory care community difficult, but making the decision on which community is just as difficult.  Do you plan for the present or do you plan for the future?  When it comes to memory care, that decision is often crisis driven and the decision is frequently made for the present.  Unfortunately not all communities can or are able to provide care for the future thus the decision made for the present frequently results in another difficult decision in the future. That’s why it is so important for families to plan for the future, to know what is available and where they would like their loved one to be when the time comes for professional care.  (more…)

Market Rate Rentals: Housing with Services

Housing with Services

Market rate rental housing offering two or more supportive services is similar to other market rate rentals where you pay a monthly fee to occupy a space. Typically, there is a deposit with a one year lease and at the end of the lease, the rent increases. Rentals offering services may include the cost for services in the rent or they may be purchased a-la-carte. If you are a person who likes to winter in Arizona, you will want to consider how the services are paid for, in the rent or separately. You may also be able to purchase a package of services and they usually have different packages available, so you can chose the one that best suits your needs. (more…)

Subsidized Rentals: An Affordable Housing Option

It can take time to find housing that is affordable, but the result can be worth the effort. Rents in these communities vary according to ability to pay, based on gross income, (before taxes or Medicare deductions), and assets. Assets include income from Social Security, wages, pensions, welfare, etc. and interest or dividends from IRAs, Certificates of Deposit, stocks, and bonds. With assets such as stocks and bonds only the interest from the asset is counted as income. Assets such as cars and clothing are not counted. (more…)

Checklist for Assisted Living

What to Look for in Assisted Living Residences

Assisted Living, Housing with Services, Catered Living, and Service Rich housing are all names that describe a type of housing that helps people with the activities of daily living. In Minnesota in order to be considered “Assisted Living” residences have minimum requirements: 2 meals daily, daily check system, weekly housekeeping and laundry service, and assistance with 3 or more of the activities of daily living. Additionally health related services must include assistance with self-administration of medication or administration of medication, supervised by a Registered Nurse. Assisted Living residences must also have staff available who can respond 24/7 to requests for assistance with heath or safety neeeds.* Remember if you are helping someone, try to include them as much as possible; it will make their satisfaction level higher.  (more…)

Life Care Communities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Life Care Communities

 Continuing Care Retirement Communities, CCRCs, and Life Care Communities both offer a continuum of care that allows residents to “age in place”.  Campuses for these types of communities include separate housing for those who live independently, assisted living for those who need more support, and skilled nursing care for those who need continuous care.  Residents of CCRCs pay an endowment fee upon entering as do residents of a Life Care Community, but residents of CCRCs pay for services as they need them and Life Care residents pay a flat fee that remains the same as long as they live there. For both types of communities there is a second person fee for services.

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