Providing Care for Caregivers

While caring for an older adult can be rewarding, it can also be overwhelming. You may even find it difficult to handle the normal tasks of daily living. Do any of the following statements apply to you?

  • I do not have enough time for myself.
  • I feel stressed over trying to provide care and still carry out my other responsibilities.
  • Sometimes being a caregiver makes me feel angry and frustrated.
  • Being a caregiver is negatively affecting other important relationships with family and friends.
  • My physical health has suffered because of my role as a caregiver.

It is normal to for caregivers to experience feelings of frustration and anxiety, but if left unmanaged, those feelings can cause greater issues, including depression and declining health.

Eldercare Partners is a non-profit organization offering Caregiver Services to metro area caregivers. Through Caregiver Coaching, our professional Family Consultants provide:

  • A formal caregiver assessment of your personal situation to explore your strengths, needs, and goals.
  • A customized caregiver plan that includes goal setting, and problem solving.
  • Coaching and ongoing support to help you reach your established goals.
  • A reassessment after 3 months to document progress and agreed upon future needs.

Eldercare Partners also offers Family Meeting Facilitation to help promote positive interaction and effective communication among caregiver groups.

Our professional staff will help family caregivers:

  • Understand the current caregiving situation
  • Identify and organize the various roles of the care team
  • Develop a realistic plan to support the older adult and caregivers

To learn more about Eldercare Partners, and how we can help caregivers in their role, please call 651-234-2262 or visit We help you help.