Market Rate Rentals: Housing with Services

Housing with Services

Market rate rental housing offering two or more supportive services is similar to other market rate rentals where you pay a monthly fee to occupy a space. Typically, there is a deposit with a one year lease and at the end of the lease, the rent increases. Rentals offering services may include the cost for services in the rent or they may be purchased a-la-carte. If you are a person who likes to winter in Arizona, you will want to consider how the services are paid for, in the rent or separately. You may also be able to purchase a package of services and they usually have different packages available, so you can chose the one that best suits your needs.

In terms of services, this type of residence can vary greatly. They can offer a few services, such as dining and housekeeping or many services which could also include housekeeping and personal care. These types of residences can be stand alone or they can be part of a campus, offering a continuum of care including assisted living and/or memory care. Residences offering a continuum of care may offer housing with services, assisted living and memory care all in the same building, but in different wings or floors of the building or each type may be in totally separate building on the same campus.